Amazon Internship Watch Findings


Amazon Project

Tasked with exploring the user benefits and viability of a watch experience for an existing application, Glance is a conglomerate of my research, ideas, and findings on designing and developing apps for Apple Watch.

Allergeez iOS App


Side Project

After discovering I had quite a few food allergies, looking up which ingredients were safe to eat at the grocery store became a real hassle. Allergeez is an iOS app, written in Swift, that identifies common food allergens found in ingredients. It’s free to download in the App Store.

Immersive Reader App

Immersive Reader

Amazon Project

While using the Amazon Fire Phone, I thought it would be interesting to explore the use of dynamic perspective on the phone’s reader app to help make the reading experience more immersive. The Immersive Reader is the product of four iterations built for Android.

Read Tab Later Chrome Extension

Read Tab Later

Side Project

Pinning tabs in Chrome to “read later” is a convenient feature, but results in a tab bar that gets way too cluttered. Read Tab Later is a Chrome Extension that allows you to pin tabs to the new tab page, so every time you hit Cmd+T you’re reminded of the page you meant to get to later.

RIT Localhost

RIT Localhost

Club Founder & President

Tech conferences and talks are awesome, but students often don’t reap their benefits. RIT Localhost is a club that keeps students informed about trending mobile, web, and ux technologies. The club meets once every two weeks in an open-forum format, very similar to TED Talks.

Stylable CSS Game


Side Project

After seeing the “content-editable” HTML attribute used on an inline style element, I thought it might be cool to turn dynamic styling into a game. Stylable tests your CSS skills by tasking you to style elements in under 30 seconds. E-Commerce Site

Class Project

Tasked with developing a pseudo e-commerce backend, Poste.r is a web application that sells minimal posters. The logic is written purely in PHP, however the majority of time spent on this project was on the user experience.

Bikini Site

Bikini Bottom

Class Project

After being tasked with creating a website about a place of familiarity, Bikini Bottom is a website that gives users a tour of the most popular characters and quotes from the Spongebob Squarepants universe through a super-minimal single page web app.

SEO Seokin Site


Work Project

Learning that the legacy job listing system at RIT’s Student Employment Office would soon be phased out, Seokin is a beta implementation of the new job listing system for the Student Employment Office at RIT, written using CodeIgniter.

On This Day JS

On This Day

Side Project

Sometimes all it takes is an event that took place today to liven up an in-app experience. On This Day is a vanilla JS script that fetches a historic event that took place today. The script uses the Wikimedia API and can be easily dropped into existing applications.

Hosting Linux Site

Hosting Linux

Class Project

Tasked with creating a web application that helps users learn about a specific topic, Hosting with Linux is an effort to educate users in hosting their own website using linux machines. It is written primarily in PHP, and integrates Disqus comments.